Just quicksort, mergesort and heapsort in a single image. I was obsessed with shrinking my code to fit in a single image :)

My helpful screenshot

For Reference, The best, average and worst complexities

Algorithm Best Average Worst
Quicksort \(\Omega(n\log{}n)\) \(\Theta(n\log{}n)\) \(O(n^2)\)
Mergesort \(\Omega(n\log{}n)\) \(\Theta(n\log{}n)\) \(O(n\log{}n)\)
Heapsort \(\Omega(n\log{}n)\) \(\Theta(n\log{}n)\) \(O(n\log{}n)\)

I went on to make this video right about that time in Processing which used the 3 $O(n^2)algorithms (selection,bubble,insertion) to sort randomly shuffled colours. Take a look!